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Be A Better Email Marketer

12 Tips on B2B Email Marketing from Our Friends at the Email Yogi

B2B is too often treated like the red headed stepchild of Marketing. So I was happy to see our friend Sundeep Kapur at the Email Yogi offering up a piece to support your B2B email marketing efforts. Pay close attention to #2. Having an email marketing platform that empowers your front line sales and service [...]

All I Want for Christmas...

Effective Email Marketing Strategies for the Holidays – Free Download

Every interactive marketing program should include an email marketing component. Email is still an incredibly powerful channel for your business to communicate with customers. Responsys recently put together it’s Retail Email Guide to the Holiday Season 2010 and I encourage you to download and review the material. Nuggets like using pre-holiday messaging and progressive couponing [...]

Size Does Matter

3 Tips to Generate More Email Newsletter Subscribers

I’m often asked questions about the best way to grow your organic email marketing subscriber list. I suspect the subject comes up so much because email can be an incredibly effective and profitable channel for digital marketers. The struggle is in mailing frequently enough to have an impact while growing your list organically. Purchased lists [...]