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Attract and Convert More Visitors with Web Site Marketing

The days of creating a simple brochure style web site and competing on the internet is long gone. The fact is users are searching for your web site in more places, using a wider array of devices, and expecting a higher standard of usability and functionality than ever before. Your web site must be built [...]

Leverage Your Customers

Reach More Prospects with Social Media Marketing

It’s impossible to deny that social media has exploded on the scene. YouTube is one of largest search engines next to Google. Facebook currently receives more traffic than the big G. LinkedIn attracts more professionals than any other network. Twitter has been center stage in world changing events. And blogging has become an integral part [...]

Drive More Revenue with Email Marketing

Generate More Revenue with Email Marketing

Email is still the king of inbound marketing. When treated right home grown email marketing lists can yield great production for your company. Email marketing has one of the highest ROI’s of any inbound marketing channel.  Even if you are currently running an email marketing program, chances are you aren’t taking full advantage of the [...]

Reach More Customers

Target Your Customers with Pay Per Click Marketing (SEM)

Pay per click marketing, a subset of paid search marketing, is a great approach for getting immediate results. Consolidation has left two major companies in charge of advertising on search results pages. Google Adwords is the major player and Bing AdCenter now runs Yahoo Sponsored Search. Both also run the search programs for many syndicates. [...]

They're Looking For You

Be Found in Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search is still the predominate method people use to locate products and services on the online. In addition, 70% of clicks on a search result page happen on the organic (or earned) links. Unlike many other mediums it is non-intrusive. Prospective customers are actively looking for your products and services. To be found when users [...]

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The Marketing Paradigm Has Shifted.

The world we live in has changed. It has become a buyers world. You can’t afford rely on outdated, expensive and ineffective outbound marketing channels to reach your goals. Customers are mobile. Using tools and technology only dreamed of thirty years ago. Your success depends on finding and converting prospects on their terms. And Inbound [...]

The Power of Many

Turn Prospects into Repeat Customers using MultiChannel Marketing

Inbound marketing is just one channel available for your business to find new customers. Chances are you’re using traditional media as well. Direct mail, catalogs, radio, television, billboards or trade shows are great ways to grow your business. But research shows if you can increase ‘touches’ with a prospect or customer they will convert  more [...]

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Leverage the Power of Others with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great tool to generate traffic, sales and leads for B2C and B2B businesses. Affiliates allow you to leverage other businesses marketing efforts to expand your online reach and reach prospects in the fragmented gathering places all over the internet. One measure of a successful inbound marketing program is how far and [...]