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Talk to Me Lives. Is Much More Than Just Email

By now you have heard the recent Facebook news. ‘addresses’ will be available soon. Notice I didn’t say email addresses. While Facebook’s new communication system may not replace email in the immediate future it may force digital marketing experts to re-examine email marketing efforts. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement the Facebook system will incorporate [...]

And You Are?

Playing the Name Game. Personalize Your Company’s Facebook Page URL

Thanks to the Joseph Wesley blog for the tip on Facebook’s new customizable URLs for pages. This one snuck past my radar but is worth checking out. The best part for us online marketing professionals is that it only takes a minute to implement. Essentially it changes the default URL from …to something like… [...]

Do You Like Me?

What a Facebook ‘Like’ Really Means for Your Marketing Message

Via Exact Target @ Mashable 38% of online U.S. consumers ‘Like’ a brand on a social networking site. 70% of these consumers don’t think becoming a fan equates to opting in to marketing. Read that last sentence again. Let it really sink in. I’ve had many conversations with online marketing professionals around New Hampshire about [...]

Get More Out of WordPress

Top 100 Plugins for WordPress Web Sites and Blogs – Free!

There are currently 11+ million people running a WordPress blog or web site. If you are reading this you are most likely one of them. To truly turn your blog or site into an optimized marketing juggernaut you will need to research and install plugins. But which plugins? Finding the right plugin for your needs [...]

Your Facebook Page Sucks

Andrew Blakeley Doesn’t Like You On Facebook. And Quite Frankly, Neither Do We.

I was recently trolling around on and came across a great post by Andrew Blakeley titled “Why I Don’t Like Your Brand on Facebook”. Andrew decided to undertake an experiment. He would ‘like’ every brand that asked him for one week and blog about it. Of the 46 brands he’ liked’, only 22% even [...]