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3 Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Believe it or not, the holidays are in fact right around the corner. As I write this we are a mere 69 days away from Christmas. Gulp! If you are in the B2C space, now is a great time to start ramping up your holiday email marketing efforts.

Use these 3 tips to make sure the holiday is a smashing success for your business.

  1. Pre-promote holiday sales and special events now to build anticipation. You can do stand alone sales, combine a social media component, or plan for special events at times that may not usually be busy. By planting seeds in the mind of your consumers now, you’ll be sure to make their all important Christmas gift list for when the shopping season starts.
  2. Employ a good, better, best strategy. Research shows that when given this range of options, customers that might ordinarily choose the good will upgrade their purchase to the better range. It’s a great way to increase your average order sizes using psychological strategies.
  3. Offer low priced, high margin items as a recommended product in shopping carts during checkout. This will also help increase your average order size giving you more revenue per order. And we all know squeezing a little more out of every customer provides an incremental increase that help boost your bottom line.

We hope you enjoy these email marketing tips. If you think these could benefit a marketer you know please share it.

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3 Tips to Generate More Email Newsletter Subscribers

I’m often asked questions about the best way to grow your organic email marketing subscriber list. I suspect the subject comes up so much because email can be an incredibly effective and profitable channel for digital marketers.

The struggle is in mailing frequently enough to have an impact while growing your list organically. Purchased lists historically under perform so I don’t suggest you go down that road. Exceptions may be made to very targeted lists that may be familiar with your business. Organic methods still rule in today’s world. Let’s explore 3 ways you can generate more subscribers today.

Method 1. The Promotion. Use a contest or free download with a high perceived value. At Duncraft Catalog I implemented the monthly give-a-away of a bird feeder supported by an animated banner in a common area in our web site navigation. The bird feeder cost under $5.00 to make. Our subscriptions increased by almost 500% per week.

Method 2. Signup form Facebook Tab. It is easier than ever to create a custom Facebook tab. You can add an email signup form that connects directly to your email list. Try displaying a version of your most popular campaign to attract signups but most importantly be sure to promote it to your Facebook fans. Once users subscribe they will most likely be paying attention to your stream in their home page so it pays to mention it…often.

Method 3. Contact List Appends. If your business has a house list of contacts large enough you may want to consider a list append. List management companies will attempt to match up your contacts with current email addresses. We found this was especially effective for B2C businesses around the holiday season. Recipients from the appended list were more receptive to our communication around this time of year.

Put these methods into action and watch your list grow!

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