The holidays are here. So it’s time to wrap up this year’s efforts and look towards new ways to generate more leads and sales for your company in 2016.

With the drastic change in prospect behavior over the last few years, you may have noticed that outbound sales methods and traditional marketing is becoming less effective. So what do you do to get in-market-now prospects coming towards you instead?

Shifting to an inbound marketing model is the answer. And we’ve expanded our services offerings to help you with digital marketing, lead generation and sales enablement to be sure your business continues to thrive in the new year.

Cash in using Inbound marketing and sales programs including…

  • Lead generation via Paid Search, eMail marketing and CRM mining to generate new opportunities
  • Salesforce and CRM setup, administration and customization to reduce wasted time and leverage your data
  • Lead nurturing and lead management to push more leads through your funnel
  • Marketing automation and triggers in tools like Salesforce and Hubspot to save on time consuming tasks
  • Streamlined sales processes and sales enablement tools to keep your sales people having meaningful conversations
  • Performance monitoring and reporting to provide better intelligence
  • Marketing & sales team integration to break down barriers and get your teams moving in one unified direction

Want to learn more about how these programs can help you reach your 2016 goals?   Email me at today and we’ll get something on the schedule. Until then, a Happy New Year to you all!

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