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Is a Pop Up Ad Ever a Good Idea?

Oct 30,2011 / Web Site Marketing

The infamous and annoying pop up ad. You thought this debate was over years ago didn’t you. They told you …

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Trust but verify. Look at your web site code for telltale signs of disaster.

Oct 30,2011 / Search Engine Optimization

Earlier this year a local investor and media relations firm hired me to answer one question. Why after spending $30,000 …

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Don’t Go Chasing Unicorns – The Truth About Online Marketing

Oct 30,2011 / eCommerce Strategies

There are no magic wands, tricks or fairy dust. Only knowledge and hard work. And it is not enough that …

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3 Tips to Generate More Email Newsletter Subscribers

Oct 30,2011 / Email Marketing

I’m often asked questions about the best way to grow your organic email marketing subscriber list. I suspect the subject …

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Andrew Blakeley Doesn’t Like You On Facebook. And Quite Frankly, Neither Do We.

Oct 28,2011 / Social Media Marketing

I was recently trolling around on and came across a great post by Andrew Blakeley titled “Why I Don’t …

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Best Study Ever: Wasting Time Online Boosts Worker Productivity

Oct 28,2011 / Marketing News

Hot off the press from the LA Times. Spending time online updating your Facebook page, clicking through I Can Has …

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Google Classifies Subdomains as Internal Links

Oct 28,2011 / Search Engine Optimization

Website Magazine reported yesterday that Google is now making a major change to it’s secret formula. This can have a …

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Sep 23,2011 / Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? by Daryl Eames. Each web site starts as a house on a mountain. There …

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