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[eBook] 15 Google Adwords Tips to Improve Your Campaigns

15 Google Adwords Tips to Improve Your Campaigns

I’m often asked for Google Adwords tips to improve lead generation and product sales via paid search marketing. The truth is, most Google Adwords users only utilize a small portion of the tools and strategies available in the platform. This often leads to struggling campaigns that fail to generate the return on investment your business needs.

In response, I’ve put together this eBook, 15 Google Adwords Tips to Improve Your Campaigns, free for you to download right now.

Here’s a Sample of What’s Inside

Tip #1: Google encourages you to set up related keyword sets into multiple ad groups within one campaign. But did you know that you can only apply budget at the campaign level? This means you may be funding under performing ad groups at the expense of those that perform well.

In most cases, it’s best to limit ad groups to one per campaign so you can isolate and fund them according to their individual performance.

14 More Adwords Tips Ahead

Looking for help improving your Google Adwords paid search campaigns or don’t quite know where to start a new program? I’d love to help. Just let me know you would like to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation and I will reach out to schedule a time to speak.There are 14 more great tips in our newest eBook, 15 Tips to Improve Your Google Adwords Campaigns, and it’s free to download. Just fill out our quick form, and it is instantly available in a convenient PDF format.

15 Tips to Improve Google Adwords Whitepaper
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