CRM Mining Strategy

Mine the Gold in Your Data


Track & segment prospects.
Generate leads & sales opportunities

Every successful business employs some sort of Customer Relationship Management software. Perhaps you utilize Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, ACT, Zoho or Sugar? Although the name may change, the fundamental uses and capabilities are always similar.

Your CRM is the central knowledge resource that drives your sales and marketing activities. How you input and manage leads and data determines how effectively you can segment and extract that data to execute more effective strategies for customer acquisition and retention. Streamlined processes and good discipline throughout the organization is imperative for you to get the most out of your CRM system.

CRM mining is great for tracking and segmenting prospects to make them customers, customers to make them repeat customers or to generate referrals and other growth opportunities for your business.

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CRM Mining & Management Will Help You...


  • Create data input and management processes to ensure best practices by all internal users
  • Generate new leads for your sales funnel
  • Nurture leads and customers through their life cycles
  • Augment your sales teams efforts
  • Automate portions of your sales and customer service process
  • Cross sell and up-sell customers
  • Win back inactive customers
  • Create ‘triggers’ within your CRM and sales process
  • Create useful reports that increase efficiency in the lead and customer life cycles


“Daryl is absolutely brilliant. I take the opportunity to chat with him every other week about what is working and what isn’t in the eCommerce space. A pioneer in this industry, Daryl has helped drive the success of not only the companies he has worked at but has been an inspiration to many others.

If you call him, make sure you have a lot of paper, & write fast – he is awesome.”

Sundeep Kapur

Consultant – Digital Strategies for Financial Institutions

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Prospects are searching for you. Drive them to your business to convert them to leads & sales.


Turn prospects into leads. Convert and nurture them to generate more revenue.


Automate nurturing & sales processes. Identify in-market-now visitors at your web site.


Track & segment prospects. Generate leads, cross sells & referrals.