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Automate nurturing & sales processes.
Identify in-market-now visitors at your web site

Marketing automation has been all the buzz lately. Certainly it can act as a powerful tool to augment your sales and service team’s efforts and reduce time consuming tasks in the lead and customer management processes. But it takes a thorough understanding what automation is and how it integrates with your CRM and other systems to really make it work.

Almost every step of the lead generation, management and sales process can benefit from using triggers and automated work flows to help identify in-market-now prospects and keep them moving through your sales funnel. Automation can also help align your sales and marketing teams to ensure they are working in harmony towards your optimal outcome.

Hubspot, Marketo, Sharpspring and Pardot type products are similar yet different in both composition and capability. It’s critical to pick the right tool for the job, and to be sure it integrates seamlessly with your systems and data.

Marketing automation tools can provide the leverage and scale you need to take your business to the next level.

Contact me today to discuss how you can harness the power within your marketing automation tools to make an impact on your sales pipeline.

Marketing Automation Will Help You...


Marketing Automation

  • Generate, nurture, manage and convert leads
  • Retain, reactivate and cross sell customers
  • Identify in-market prospects that don’t convert on site
  • Augment your sales teams efforts
  • Reduce lost leads, lead leakage and missed opportunities
  • Automate portions of your sales and customer service process
  • Track prospect & customer behavior across channels
  • Win back inactive customers
  • Create ‘triggers’ within your CRM and sales process
  • Create useful reports that increase efficiency in the lead and customer life cycles


“New England Web Strategies is a tremendously talented company that thrives on fast paced, creative projects. I had the pleasure of working with them in a consulting capacity where he was the key sales driver for our company, opening doors, generating interest, and ultimately driving business.

I have watched them grow this business and increase the sales of two other businesses through his creative energy and superb business acumen. They are reliable, consistent, and always up for a challenge – someone I would hire again and again.”

Wendy Sykes

Director – Technology HR

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Prospects are searching for you. Drive them to your business to convert them to leads & sales.


Turn prospects into leads. Convert and nurture them to generate more revenue.


Automate nurturing & sales processes. Identify in-market-now visitors at your web site.


Track & segment prospects. Generate leads, cross sells & referrals.