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50% of Survey Respondents Indicate Analyzing Campaign Results is Their Biggest Paid Search Marketing Challenge

Possibly the most important aspect of running a successful, ROI positive paid search marketing program is the ability to analyze what campaigns are working the best. So it’s no surprise to me that this was by far the #1 bottleneck reported by our survey respondents.

Why is this so important? Because a whole host of other questions are answered by our ability to determine where our investment is producing the highest returns.

Where should we apply our budget? How can we optimize our budget? Where can we convert more of the best prospects? How can we improve our keyword quality scores? All of the answers to these very important questions (and more) can be answered in part by gathering and analyzing campaign performance data at all stages of your sales funnel.

Front end tracking is the easier part. You can get a sense of everything from impressions and click through rates to cost per click, conversion and conversion rates. But this is only part of the story.



The whole story can only be told by measuring and analyzing top, middle and bottom of funnel performance. It is critical to look at your entire pipeline. What revenue can you expect for a lead or opportunity? How many deals are you closing and at what revenue and gross profit? What are your move and close rates as prospects move through your sales process? What is the ROI of these deals by campaign? What are the effects of follow on sales, cross sales or sales in other segments of your business?

This is the information you’ll need to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns. And most of it will come from your CRM software or sales software. You’ll need to dig in on how prospect data is entered into the software, what your sales process looks like, what fields you need populated and tracked so you can pull reporting and more to get to the data you need.

Sometimes this is a manual process, sometimes it can be automated, or sometimes it is a mix of both. Keep pushing your organization to invest in the tools and processes necessary so you know exactly which levers to pull to improve month after month, year after year.

Since the solution to this challenge is dependent on your internal software, technology, processes and resources there is no one size fits all answer. However, there are a lot of best practices you can rely on no matter what your company utilizes.

We’ve authored an advanced guide that dives into all the details of analyzing your campaign performance and we highly recommend you take advantage what it offers in a unique crawl, walk, run format to get you started and provide a road map of where you need to go. The tips and strategies inside can be adopted into any business and provide insight into both manual and automated solutions to this challenge.


“The best campaigns don’t always generate the lowest cost per lead or sale. The best campaigns deliver the highest ROI, regardless of the front end metrics.”


Where Do I Go From Here?

What we’ve covered here is the just the tip of the iceberg. If you are looking for more detailed strategies for analyzing your campaign results consider purchasing our affordable advanced guides. Each is chock full of the tips, tricks and strategies we employ to build successful programs for clients all over the country. Take the lessons we’ve learned and put them into practice to bring your paid search marketing program to the next level.

Think you might need more help? Why not reach out for a consultation with our resident paid search marketing consultants so we can review your specific needs and challenges and provide the solutions you need to move forward.

It is possible to solve your campaign analysis issue, and we are happy to help any way we can.

As a onetime special, we are offering you 25% off of any of our advanced guides if you make your purchase in the next 5 days. Simply use coupon code DIAGNOSTIC25 during checkout.

Solving your campaign analysis issue should be your biggest priority and I hope we’ve helped set you on a path to success.



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