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New England Web Strategies specializes in intent based lead generation to in-market-now prospects for data services companies. Over the last decade we’ve helped technology companies successfully close data migration, data visualization, data management, data analytics, business intelligence, risk analytics projects for businesses all over the United States.

How do we do it? By getting in front of prospects that raise their hands and signify they need your product or service today.

Prospects are searching for a variety of data related services on the search engines every day, and in droves. 

Below is some data straight from Google to give you a sense of the opportunity in front of you.


Data Services Leads


That’s right, for just the five search phrases listed here, Google estimates over 2,230 related searches (impressions) in one month across the United States.

One Month! 




In addition to general phrases like ‘data services companies’, you can also target industry related searches like ‘data migration for banks’ and product related searches like ‘Tableau development companies’ and more to target the types of services you desire the most.

Imagine how much wasted productivity you can save when your sales team is having meaningful conversations with self identified in-market-now prospects looking for data related services instead of non-interested parties.

Proven Data Services Lead Generation Strategies

  • Get in front of in-market-now prospects looking for data services today
  • Convert prospects to leads for your sales team
  • Increase the health of your project & service pipeline
  • Generate more revenue and profit
  • Improve the health of your acquisition & retention segments
  • Reduce wasted productivity on cold calling
  • Increase your database of marketable contacts
  • Create a trackable, repeatable, ROI positive sales channel to fuel growth
A True Partnership
We integrate with your internal team to provide leverage to scale your company
90 Trial Program
Cap your cost and risk with our 90 trial and reinvest with success
Flexible Working Relationships
We offer a reduced hourly rate plus commission, flat hourly rate or retainer models

Learn More About Lead Generation via Paid Search Marketing, our Partnership Model and 90 Day Trial Program:


Pros & Cons of Paid Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (A.K.A PPC, Pay Per Click & Paid Search Marketing)

PROS: Tractable, repeatable and ROI positive. These three attributes are the holy grail of marketing. You can target in-market-now prospects based on intent by what they are searching for, right at the moment they are indicating they need it.

You can control your messaging yet change it quickly, get to market quickly and control your spend. This means financing companies of all sizes can compete. It’s tractable from every penny you spend to every penny you make. And it’s repeatable, providing a solid lever you can pull year after year to grow your business.

CONS: By far my favorite channel, but it’s not without a downside. You need a skilled professional that understands both the financing world and how to use the paid search marketing tools. There are up front costs to get everything set up and running. And you need a budget to fund the advertising spend. 

*To be clear, we are talking about search marketing, not display or banner marketing. It’s a dirty little marketing secret, but unless you are after fleeting eyeballs, display and banner marketing is among the worst ROI channels that exist.

A True Marketing Partnership

Most agencies work apart from your internal marketing and sales teams, acting as an autonomous resource.

We prefer to take a different approach by integrating heavily with your internal resources to improve our knowledge of what equipment your company prefers to finance and the programs that define your competitive differentiators. 

Plus, we offer a discounted hourly rate with a built-in commission on funded volume or profits so that we are all moving in the same direction. Towards more funded volume and a positive return on investment to grow your financing company.

90 Day Trial Program

Every investment comes with some risk. And most agencies cost a fortune to work with. 

That’s why we created a 90 day trial lead generation program for equipment financing & leasing companies and brokers.

We are able to offer a reduced hourly rate plus a cap on your labor and ad spend costs due to our unique partnership model.

This way you can test your way into the lead generation program and reinvest with success, with a known cost cap to reduce your exposure to risk!

Inbound Marketing StrategiesAs a former acquisition marketing specialist for a large financing company I know the downsides to the typical lead generation channels.

Stop buying data services leads from companies that sell them multiple times and start generating your own exclusive leads instead.

Our programs will improve your lead generation, lead nurturing and lead management process to help you find and attract more customers and maximize productivity from your lead life cycle.

Contact me today to discuss how you can harness the power of lead generation via paid search marketing to win more customers and generate more revenue for your data services company. 

Trackable, repeatable, ROI positive marketing. It’s how our clients grow their business, and you can do it too.

Daryl Eames, Founder | New England Web Strategies LLC

Lead Generation for Equipment Financing GPPC


“New England Web Strategies consulted with us for website & search optimization programs. Throughout the project, they performed with a high level of competence, focus, organization and initiative.

Daryl recommended numerous changes to our sites that, once instituted, have made a world of difference in traffic, lead quality, conversion rates and incremental revenue. In addition, he suggested several unique programs that we are hoping to implement shortly that will lead to incremental profitability.

There is no question that we benefited as a result of Daryl’s contributions. I highly recommend New England Web Strategies and hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

Scott Heller