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6 Costly Rookie AdWord Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

We’ve all been there. When we were handed our first AdWords account to manage we said, “I got this! I’ve been reading about all the best techniques and optimization strategies, and I have my Google AdWords certificate. Piece of …

Google Rep Calling to ‘help’? You Better Beware.

“You Could Benefit from a Free Consultation with a Google Representative”

If you use Adwords you may have seen or heard something like this by now. Either an alert in your account advising how you can beat your competition by …

Pros and Cons of the Google Adwords Call Extension

Want an easy method to increase your Google Adwords conversion rates? Here is a quick and easy suggestion. Try adding a call extension to your ads.

Why Should I Add Call Extensions?

Because the mobile revolution has come and gone. …