Identify Google Adwords Clickers that Don’t Convert? Don’t Mind if I Do.

Identify Google Adwords Clickers that Don’t Convert? Don’t Mind if I Do.

Have you heard the news?

In case you missed it, let me share something truly exciting with you. According to a PR Newswire release at, Google is launching Google Ads Click Identifier, a tool that will display contact information on all ad visitors.

According to the release “Google Ads users can now access detailed contact information about all the businesses that have clicked on their ad campaigns…” 

This Sounds Great, But What Information Will They Give Us?

I am so glad you asked! Per the release we will now be able to view detailed information like…

  • Business Name
  • Key Employee Contact Information
  • Web Pages Viewed Withing the Last 12 Months


Why Does this Matter?

Let’s face it. The reality is that the majority of clicks on your ads won’t convert. Some of the non-converters may not be the right prospects or the relevance to your targeted keywords was too loose. But, other segments may have been interrupted, ran out of time, not been persuaded by the first impression of your content or other reasons that indicate they are still an in-market-now prospect.

This new program will uncover who they are and provide an opportunity to add them to your CRM and target them using other channels in addition to Adwords to make contact and generate a lead.

This is Awesome, So What’s the Catch?

Having used visitor ID technology before, I can share that the data, and quality of the data heavily depends on the company whose database is attached to the visitor ID system. In this case it appears that company is Fastbase. I’m not aware of them or what other systems they might power so time will tell if how much data they have, and what the quality of that data is.

Also, this product is reported to cost around $550 dollars per month when the free trial period ends. Effectively pricing smaller business out of the service unless they can quickly derive a positive ROI from the additional cost.

According to the release, the new tool is expected to help businesses increase the number of new leads and customers by up to 66%. As with everything Google says, I’d take that with a grain of salt. But if you can generate a demonstrable profit off it for your company, this could really be a winner.

Have you used the new tool? If so, let us know how it is working for you in the comments below!



*image property of Fastbase, Inc.