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Has Yelp Gone from Review site to Extortionist?

Has Yelp Gone from Review site to Extortionist?

  This is just one of the current complaints against Yelp from business owners across the nation. For Joel Bergeron it started with a phone call from a sales representative that contacted him about advertising on Yelp. According to Joel when he declined to purchase advertising from the Yelp representative he was told they would [...]

The Right Solution for Your Business

What Type of Digital Marketing Agency is Right for My Business?

The answer as always is…it depends. Knowing what your needs are is the first step to determining what type of outside help your business might need. Do you need particular skill players for a specialized project? Perhaps your project is sizable and requires a variety of skills to complete? It’s also important to take inventory [...]

When You Battle for Your Brand. Everyone Wins.

When it Comes to Your Brand. Are You All Talk?

When it comes to battling for your company, your customer and your employees some owners talk the talk. Others walk the walk. Look around. Are your common values posted on the wall? Did you just write your corporate culture in an employee hand book? Is customer service just the corporate line? All too often this [...]

Defining Your Success

What Marketing Metrics Do You Rely On to Define Success?

Chris Haddad at HubSpot believes there are two kinds of marketers in the world – “those who get things done, and those who can prove they got things done.” I’m not sure reality is that simple but his point has meaning for online marketing professionals. Not every program can be measured but we must do [...]


Best Study Ever: Wasting Time Online Boosts Worker Productivity

Hot off the press from the LA Times. Spending time online updating your Facebook page, clicking through I Can Has Cheezburger and ogling Robert Pattinson may rot your brain, but new research suggest that it could also make you more productive at work. “Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function,” according to a report [...]