Did Your NeedALender Leads Get Shut Off?

Did Your NeedALender Leads Get Shut Off?

It started a few months ago. A surge in phone calls from equipment financing companies and equipment financing brokers looking for lead generation help. While it’s certainly not unusual for us to field inquiries about lead generation for the financing industry, the surge felt out of place. So we asked everyone what prompted them to call us.

The common theme? They had all been cut off from Needalender.com leads. I’m not sure of the reason, nor am I here to speculate. What I will say is that this is a blessing in disguise for these lenders and brokers. They just didn’t know it at the time.

Why, You Ask?

Simple. There are better alternatives for generating in-market-now leads exclusive to your company. Having worked in a position where it was my responsibility to purchase leads from companies like this I can share some of my experience with you.

  • Sometimes the leads were aged days or weeks
  • Latency from when the prospect filled out their form to when we received it made live contact more difficult
  • The lead was usually sold multiple times, to you and your direct competition
  • Prospects often got confused about who they were talking too since so many companies were contacting them at once
  • Multiple lead vendors would sometimes send us the same lead


The truth of it all is that we once in a great while one of these leads would fund a solid sized deal, just enough to make it worth our time. If it wasn’t for this occasional large deal we wouldn’t have bothered with these leads at all. They just weren’t good enough or exclusive enough to be a good driver of growth for the business.

A Better Way

So is there a better method of lead generation for equipment financing lenders and brokers? Well, let me ask you…

  • What if you could receive your leads and distribute them to your sales team the minute they were submitted?
  • What if that resulted in a significant increase in your live contact rates and reduced your time/effort to make contact?
  • What if the lead was yours exclusively, with little or no competition?
  • What if you could continue to generate more of these in-market-now leads in a predictable way?


Would these things help you grow your equipment financing business? Absolutely. And it’s why paid search lead generation is the best method of attracting in-market-now prospects looking for financing.

It is one of the few channels that allows you to target prospects at the very moment they are looking for financing and provides the data to help you track every penny you invest all the way to your return on investment. It’s scalable, repeatable and predictable, and that provides you with a lever you can pull every year to grow.

Want to learn more? Learn all about the benefits of lead generation via paid search marketing.