Is a Pop Up Ad Ever a Good Idea?

The infamous and annoying pop up ad. You thought this debate was over years ago didn’t you. They told you pop ups were bad and evil and that you must never use them for fear of being shunned. Well, for the most part they certainly can be all of those things. But there are times when a pop up ad can be a successful marketing strategy.

I call it the ‘responsible use of a pop up’. Based on a specific user behavior at a specific time displayed only once per user lifetime (or until they clean their cookies and revisit). It includes your traditional pop ups (the ones that browsers will block if settings are on) and slide-ins (these do not trigger a new window and so are not blocked nearly as much).

Identify your most highly exited or bounced page on your web site. Create a pop up ad with …

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Each web site starts as a house on a mountain. There are no inroads to your site from the fragmented places around the Internet. Your target market is congregating in various related and relevant places around the web looking for you. Problem is, you probably aren’t there to be found.

One resource used to solve this problem is the search engine. Consider search engines as a system of inroads from those fragmented places to our web site on the mountain. However, to be found we must achieve keyword rankings and get our content indexed. One tool used to accomplish that is search engine optimization. We create programs that help build highways from the search engines to our home on the web.

The term Search Engine Optimization is often misused. Common understanding is that SEO is a matter of Web site factors such as content, alt tags …