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Google Adwords Review

Google Rep Calling to ‘help’? You Better Beware.

Apr 24,2018 / Lead Generation, NH Inbound Marketing Agency, Search Engine Marketing

“You Could Benefit from a Free Consultation with a Google Representative” If you use Adwords you may have seen or …

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Google Adwords Click to Call Extensions

Pros and Cons of the Google Adwords Call Extension

Apr 9,2018 / Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Marketing

Want an easy method to increase your Google Adwords conversion rates? Here is a quick and easy suggestion. Try adding …

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Lead Generation Equipment Financing Companies

Did Your Needalender Leads Get Shut Off?

May 12,2017 / Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing

It started a few months ago. A surge in phone calls from equipment financing companies and equipment financing brokers looking …

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Lead Generation for Managed IT Services Companies

Lead Generation for IT Managed Services Companies

Apr 7,2017 / Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing

Like many businesses your managed IT services company is probably relying on outbound calling to generate acquisition leads. After all, it’s …

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SEO vs Keyword Quality Score

Should You Use Native Web Site Pages as PPC Landing Pages?

Dec 13,2016 / Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing

One of the great things about collaborating with fellow digital marketers is the variety of perspectives you encounter. When competing …

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Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads

Exploring Google Adwords New Expanded Ads

Sep 14,2016 / Search Engine Marketing

Ever get frustrated because you just can’t fit your awesome ad title due to the character limitation in Google Adwords? …

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Google Removes Right Side Ads

Google Removes Right Side Ads, Marketers Lose Their Collective Minds

Mar 21,2016 / Lead Generation, Marketing News, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

It’s been quite a few weeks in the world of Paid Search Marketing. Google recently announced, and carried out, removal …

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Mobile Web Page Optimization

Is Your Web Site Mobile Responsive, or Mobile Optimized?

Jan 12,2016 / Mobile Marketing

Nothing thrusts a topic into the main stream consciousness like a good old fashioned Google algorithm update. This time it …

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15 Google Adwords Tips to Improve Your Campaigns

[eBook] 15 Google Adwords Tips to Improve Your Campaigns

Jan 6,2016 / Marketing News, NH Inbound Marketing Agency, Search Engine Marketing

I’m often asked for Google Adwords tips to improve lead generation and product sales via paid search marketing. The truth …

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Marketing Performance Reports

3 Sales & Marketing Reports You Need Right Now

Dec 30,2015 / Lead Generation, Marketing Analytics, Marketing News, Performance Reporting

As marketing and sales managers we are increasingly responsible for the performance of our lead generation efforts. Our digital & …

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NH Inbound Marketing Agency

What’s Your Sales & Marketing Plan for 2016?

Dec 30,2015 / Marketing News, NH Inbound Marketing Agency

The holidays are here. So it’s time to wrap up this year’s efforts and look towards new ways to generate …

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Why Inbound Marketing Beats Print Media

If I Only Had a $1,000 Dollars

Dec 9,2015 / eCommerce Strategies, Lead Generation, Marketing News, NH Inbound Marketing Agency, Web Site Marketing

The Controversy I recently published a post titled, So You Want to Advertise in the NH Business Review?, that appears …

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